Ref. No. R5234
Touristic Land
Plot: 64058m²
Plot Zone: Δα2, T3δ2α, T3δ2α, T3δ2α
Building Density: 1%, 30%, 20%, 15%
Covering Factor: 1%, 15%, 15%, 15%
Max floors: 1, 2, 2, 2
Max Height: 5,00, 10,00, 10,00, 10,00 m

For Sale : Touristic Land - Polis - €13,250,000

The property is a field located in Polis Chrysochous Municipality in Paphos.

The asset is located at a distance of 650m north of the Polis Chrysochous - Argaka main road and 850m north-west of the village centre.

The property has a rather oval shape with a flat and even surfaceand benefits from a 300m road frontage. It is adjacent to Crystodoulou Papanikopoulou Street on its southern boundary and to the sea protection zone on its northern boundary. The total area of the field is 64,058sqm with part of the field, c. 43,560sqm; falling into the touristic planning zone Τ3δ2α, including 12,254sqm that fall into the beach protection zone and the Natura 2000 scheme. The remaining 20,498sqm of the field fall into the protected planning zone (Δα2).

The property is located in a prime tourist area of Polis Chrysochous, consisting solely of holiday houses, hotels, shops, and other tourist establishments. It has excellent accessibility to village centre, as well as to the surrounding areas, where a plethora of facilities and services can be found. 

The property has the potential to be covered by all utility services (water, electricity and telecommunication).

The property falls within the following two Planning Zones:

Commercial zone Τ3δ2α with the following parameters:
- For hotels: 30% building density, 15% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 10m
- For touristic village: 20% building density, 15% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 10m
- For houses: 15% building density, 15% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 10m 

and Protected zone Δα2 with a maximum building density coefficient of 1%, a land coverage coefficient of 1%, over 1 floor and 5 meters height. 

The field falls within the NATURA 2000 scheme. 

Owner: Valecross Properties Ltd

All urban features must be checked with the proper authorities. The Seller has the right to review selling prices without any prior notice. 

Title Deeds