Ref. No. R40218
Residential Land
Plot: 21071m²
Plot Zone: Γ3, Ζ3
Building Density: 10%, 1%
Covering Factor: 10%, 1%
Max floors: 2, 1
Max Height: 8,30, 5,00 m

For Sale : Residential Land - Kelokedara - €30,000

This asset is a field in Kelokedara, Paphos.

The asset is located c. 1,2km west of Kelokedara village and 1,4km west of Kelokedara - Salamiou road.

The asset has an area of 21,071sqm, has an irregular shape with a sloping surface and is landlocked (c. 420m southwest of the nearest under registration road). It abuts a registered footpath on its east border.

The asset has the potential to be covered by all utility services (water, electricity and telecommunication).

The immediate area comprises of agricultural and undeveloped parcels of land.

The asset falls within two planning zones:

-20,228sqm fall into agricultural planning zone Γ3 with 10% building density, 10% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 8,3m.

-843sqm fall into protection planning zone Z3 with 1% building density, 1% coverage, 1 floor and a maximum height of 5m.

All urban features must be checked with the proper authorities. The Seller has the right to review the selling prices without any prior notice.

Title Deeds