Call for Price
Ref. No. CN1086
Covered: 12565m²
Plot: 3000m²


Sold : Business - Paphos - Call for Price

The mixed used building is situated within Ayios Theodoros quarter in the town of Pafos of the District of Pafos. It occupies a position south-west and at a short distance from the roundabout which leads to the highway towards Limassol and at an even shorter distance west of the main avenue leading towards Kato Pafos and the tourist, coastal area. It abuts along its north-eastern boundary onto Demokratias Avenue with a frontage of approximately 40 meters and along its north-western boundary onto Alexandrou Papagou Street with a frontage of approximately 120 meters. The building locally known as Pafos Oasis is a mixed development of a commercial centre. The building consists of shops, bowling alley, kid’s playground, movie theatres, cafes and restaurants.

The extent of each floor level was found to be as follows:

Basement 3 1,648sqm.

Basement 2 1,648sqm.

Basement 1 2,600sqm.

Ground floor 1,650sqm.

Mezzanine floor 576sqm.

1st floor 1,627sqm.

Semi 1st floor 166sqm. (Over the shops)

2nd floor 1,540sqm. (1,360sqm with double height)

Semi 2nd floor 520sqm. (Over the landing/reception area)

3rd floor 590sqm. (Mechanical floor)

Land Area: 4,000 sqm (approximately).

It comprises of three basement levels, two of which accommodate parking areas and storage facilities, whereas the third basement level accommodate only five parking areas with the remaining and larger area accommodating storage areas. It also accommodates kid’s playground, private birthday rooms, multiuse theatre, food preparation area, men and women sanitary conveniences and other supporting facilities.

The ground floor level accommodates the entrance hall/lobby, six restaurants and snack-bars, all with their supporting facilities, three shops and the cinema’s box office.

The mezzanine floor level mainly accommodates storage areas and sanitary conveniences, supporting facilities for shops/restaurants of the ground floor level, a dining area for one of the restaurants of the ground floor level, the control room and other facilities needed for the smooth operation of the business.

The first-floor level accommodates the bowling facilities, the 4-D cinema, an arcade and the laser area.

The level above accommodates the area for the laser and the arcade.

The second-floor level accommodates a landing-reception area and a total of seven movie theatres, as follows.

Theatre 1: 209 seats.

Theatre 2: 34 seats.

Theatre 3: 60 seats.

Theatre 4: 60 seats.

Theatre 5: 60 seats.

Theatre 6: 60 seats.

Theatre 7: 186 seats.

Above the second-floor level and particularly above the landing/reception area there is a large storage area, as well as men and women w/c’s. The third-floor level accommodates three separated areas, where the mechanical installations and mechanical equipment are located.

Access to all of the above floor levels is granted through three staircases and two lifts, where access to the first basement and up to the second-floor level is granted through rolling staircases. Access to the three basement levels is also granted through a rump located at the southern part of the building.


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